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Paul E. Feild, Jr., DDS

Paul E. Feild, Jr., DDS

As a boy, I always enjoyed going to the dentist. I know, that's strange. But I did. I thought it was fascinating from a technical standpoint and I have always been amazed by the technology involved. I have always had an interest in health science, and even though I had an opportunity to attend medical school I decided not to, opting to pursue education at dental school instead.

Passion for Children

I have always had a passion for dental care. I would like to see the children who attend my practice enjoy going to the dentist, just like I did, and I am committed to building a practice that isn’t frightening or uncomfortable, but truly appeals to kids. If children can enjoy a visit to the dentist, they can learn proper dental care at an early age, and practice those techniques for their entire lives.

Outside The Office

In addition to dentistry, I enjoy golf, fishing, skiing, hunting and other outdoor hobbies. I have three boys—Matthew, who graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School and is now practicing dentistry with me; Andrew, who is involved in environmental science; and Mark, who is currently attending Princeton University and is also considering a career path in health science. Sue, my wife, enjoys a career in interior design (which is why our office looks so nice).

Giving Back

We feel so fortunate to enjoy such great success in our area. We try to give back to those who support us in serving our schools, churches, and community groups by donating our time, talent and funds whenever possible.

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